Fuzzies 2.0.0


Save us !!
What are you waiting for? Dammit, help those monkeys reach the exit!

Take command of a bunch of small monkeys and have to guide them around in levels to help them reach the exit. The monkeys constantly walk on their own and you can only influence them by assigning them commands (like build a bridge, dig a hole or stick to the ceiling) to pass all the level obstacles and reach the exits. You will need to think deeply, act carefully and use combinations of different commands to successfully finish the levels.

Sounds interesting? It really is! Check out yourself why this has been the most commonly requested gameplay for your Android device!

Key features:
- 28 beautiful, hand painted levels
- World class animations,
- 9 high quality music tracks
- Fully interactive levels
- Intuitive controls,
- Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay

Last Updated:2011-09-18 15:10:09
File size:0.6MB
OS:Android 1.5 and up

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